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Setting up an account and getting started could not be easier. You can either use our online ordering process (go to "order fruit now"), reach us through our "contact us" page, or simply call us on 088 - 06 40 100. Ordering fruit is not like buying stationary for your office: there are numerous options available to you in terms of order quantity, delivery days and order splits. So please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your needs. We have helped thousands of clients to implement a successful office fruit delivery service.

We deliver throughout Germany, and we have partners who are active in the United Kingdom, the entire Benelux and Portugal.

Our fruit buying team hand-select our fresh fruit from the fruit markets before the break of dawn every morning. We carefully select our fruit mix to ensure it is of premium quality, has great taste and is at the "breaking point of ripeness".

At the Fruitful Packhouse, we prepare the fruit to make it convenient for the workplace e.g. we separate the bananas and grapes into individual portions. This prevents the hoarding of fruit by certain more eager employees! All the fruit is checked for quality issues before being included in the baskets or boxes. We also de-sticker the fruit - this may seem like a small feature of our service, but it allows our team to check the fruit quality again before being placed in the baskets or boxes.

In transit, our fruit is handled with the maximum care from the market to drop-off, so that it reaches you in perfect condition.

No. We only supply "hand-held" fruit that can be easily eaten in your office. So for example, instead of oranges we supply soft citrus fruits such as clementines, satsumas and mineolas which are easier to peel and don't drip. In addition, we separate our bananas and grapes into individual portions to make it easier for each person to take a piece of fruit. This is a small detail which we think is important because it also means we can quality check our fruit yet again before the fruit is placed into your basket.

No. Whilst most of our customers enjoy weekly deliveries, we can also provide our fruit on a bi-weekly or even monthly basis. We will be happy to make a recommendation to you that suits your budget. What we do require, however, is that it be a regular order over a determined period of time. The reason is because we believe that the full benefits of providing fruit in the office are only felt through more than just a "one-off" single delivery. Please call us to discuss your specific needs.

We do not want you to be tied into a service which does not suit you. For this reason, we have NO fixed contracts. Instead, we only ask you to agree to our simple terms and conditions which include the following clauses:

  • Should you ever wish to change your order, we only ask that you give us 48 hours notice. For example, you may wish to pause the orders on a certain day because your team is off on an "away day". Because we invoice monthly at the beginning of each month, any order changes are either debited or credited on the following month's invoice
  • Should you ever wish to stop your order altogether, we only ask that you continue your deliveries until the end of the month you are currently in (which is a maximum period of about 4 weeks at any one time)

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