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1 A hassle-free service

Our service is designed to free you and your colleagues' time and effort. Our driving team will carry out the entire fruit replenishment process so that you don't have to. On each delivery day, they will deliver the full fruit baskets up to your floors and collect back the empty ones for re-use. This makes our service hassle-free and environmentally friendly (no packaging waste). It also has added value to you personally as you don't need to unpack, display or distribute the fruit, nor ensure suitable plates and bowls are regularly cleaned.

2 A high-quality fruit mix
  • The Seasonal Mix always includes grapes, bananas and mixed apples, as well as 3-4 extra seasonal fruit types which vary throughout the year. These include peaches, nectarines, plums, berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries), cherries, clementines, pears, kaki fruit, kiwi fruit and fresh figs
  • The Essentials Mix includes bananas, mixed apples, clementines and pears (in the summer months we replace either the clementines and/or pears with plums or peaches/nectarines)
3 Strict quality control

We monitor the quality of our fruit from purchasing in the fruit markets through to packing and delivery to clients (see Quality Control). We de-sticker all the fruit, and separate the bananas and grapes into individual portions - these two steps are important because they prevent 'fruit hoarding' by certain keen individuals whilst also allowing us to check the fruit quality again.

4 We make the fruit benefit highly visible to your staff

We help you to promote your fruit initiative internally in the following ways:

  • We advise on how to lay out your fruit baskets throughout your office space so as to ensure it is within easy reach of staff. This is critical to maximize the visibility of the benefit
  • We provide complementary A2-sized fruit posters to be displayed in central areas for staff to read and understand the health benefits of eating fresh fruit
  • We send you quarterly email updates on our Planting Fruit Trees campaign (for every fruit basket you order - we plant a fruit tree!). We encourage you to forward the updates to your colleagues
5 An environmentally friendly service, including
  • Planting 1 FRUIT TREE for each BASKET you order
  • No air-freighted fruit and the majority of fruit sourced locally and from Western European grower countries
  • Providing our 'surplus' fruit to local charities in order to minimize fruit waste
6 A fixed spend for you

Fruit prices can change dramatically throughout the year. For example, if there is a frost in Colombia, the price of bananas shoots up! At Fruitful Office, the price per basket will remain the same for you throughout the year, which protects you from price changes and makes the service easier to budget.

7 A flexible and reliable customer service
  • We have no fixed contracts: just an ongoing agreement which can be halted if you wish (Note: in the event of stopping, your order must continue up until the end of the current month)
  • 100% Fruitful Guarantee: if any piece of fruit is not to your full satisfaction we will not charge you for it
  • For a change to your order, all we require is you let us know at least until 12.00pm one day prior to next basket delivery. For example, if your team goes on an off-site trip you can pause your order.
  • In case of any queries give us a call: 0800-595 5555
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